I am writing to let you know about a research study, currently ongoing at my facility that may be of interest to your patients and their families. I am asking you to consider referring any patients to my office who you feel may be a good fit, based on the information below, and who may show interest in participating.

We are exploring the potential effects of videogame-based therapy in children with ADHD. Children who are eligible will be given one of two study videogame-like applications at random, and will play their assigned game at home for approximately 25 minutes per day, 5 days per week, over the course of about a month. An iPad will be given to the child to use during this at-home play period, but must be returned at the final visit. Children will complete 2-3 visits during the course of the study, and could participate up to approximately 38 days. This additional visit, and time in the study, is dependent upon whether or not the child is currently taking stimulant medication. We are extremely interested in working with children who may be taking stimulant medication, but are not seeing much benefit.

Here are some of the criteria children must meet to be eligible:

  • Must be between the ages of 8 and 12, and have a confirmed ADHD diagnosis
  • Must not be undergoing any pharmacological treatment with methylphenidate, or amphetamine-based products at the time of screening, or must be willing to “washout” of current regimen (if appropriate to do so, as determined by a physician)
  • Must not have any co-morbid psychiatric conditions with significant symptoms (such as severe obsessive compulsive disorder), or motor conditions that would inhibit ability to use an iPad
  • Must not currently be treated with non-stimulant medication
  • Must not have initiated behavioral therapy in the last 4 weeks prior to screening, or plan to initiate during the study

Eligible patients will receive up to $125 compensation for their time and participation in this study.Please feel free to contact me using the information provided below with any questions. You may also provide the contact information below to any patients and their families, who you feel may be a good fit for the study. Also enclosed is a copy of our IRB approved flyer to advertise the study. We ask that you consider hanging one, or more of these in your office where patients can see them.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to speaking with you and your staff, and to potentially working with some of the patients in your practice.

Sincerely,  Mary Ann McDonnell, PhD, RN, CS, PMHNP (Principal Investigator), South Shore Psychiatric Services, PC, 475 School St Unit 1 Marshfield, MA 02050 Phone: 781-837-8833 Fax: 781-735-0457, email: maryannmcdonnell@yahoo.com

Contact: Joshua Tedford (Study Coordinator)  Phone: 774-275-4013  Email: jtedford@worcester.edu