Welcome to SSCIT.org

SSCIT President, Kenneth Freedman

Welcome to the official website of the South Shore Coalition of Independent Therapists. SSCIT is a well established, unique community of psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatric medical providers on the South Shore of Massachusetts.  We have been dedicated to offering our members networking opportunities as well as a sense of community in the sometimes isolative world of private practice for 28 years.


Out of this community, we have created an annual directory of members as a reference for the professional world.  This directory has been used by our members and the professional community at large to quickly access each member’s updated contact information, office location(s), description of therapeutic interests and styles as well as medical insurance affiliations.

Over the last fifteen years, the popularity and demand of this directory booklet has tripled.  And, since it was primarily available to the professional public exclusively, the general public has been unable to utilize this valuable information if they were not aware of a professional with access to this resource.  So, we have mobilized our organization to adapt this directory to enter the cyber world to accommodate the entire community.

Now that you have entered this website, you will find all the information about our members and their services easily.  Please take time also to notice our other features as they develop and become part of the structure of this website.  For instance, excerpts from our quarterly newsletter and other editorial contributions from our members will be showing up from time to time.  So, check us out regularly.

Thanks again for visiting us in cyberspace.  Please enjoy your tour and feel free to contact me or any of our board members listed on the site.  I eagerly await feedback, questions and suggestions from anyone.  You may contact me directly at frazzled4@comcast.net or by phone at: 781-248-9888






Kenneth Freedman, LICSW

SSCIT President