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Val Woolley LICSW
Office 80 Washington Sq. Ste D-28 Norwell MA 02061 Work Phone: 781 789 2008

Services Offered

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Individual and family therapy with adolescents, young adults and adults. Supervision.

Special Interests

Adolescents and adults. Anxiety disorders. Trauma. Stress management. Life Transitions

7 week Mindfulness Training – class on meditation and mindfulness focusing on mindfulness of thoughts, body, emotions and mind-states.   Training helps to develop attention, awareness and acceptance of present experience. Training can be very helpful as a way of managing anxiety, stress, stress -related physical problems, and insomnia. By learning to live more in the moment you are likely to have a sense of increased well-being.
Ongoing mindfulness groups for those who want to deepen their practice.

Therapeutic Style:

Interactive, psychodynamic, family systems, cognitive-behavioral (CBT), DBT skills, mind/body techniques for stress reduction, mindfulness meditation.

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