BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:3.0 FN;CHARSET=UTF-8:Sheri Damon LMHC N;CHARSET=UTF-8:Damon;Sheri;;;LMHC PROFILE:VCARD ADR;CHARSET=UTF-8;TYPE=WORK:;;421 Forest Street;Marshfield;MA;02050; TEL;CHARSET=UTF-8;TYPE=WORK,VOICE,PREF:781-834-5750 TEL;CHARSET=UTF-8;TYPE=WORK,FAX:781-834-5750 EMAIL;CHARSET=UTF-8;TYPE=WORK,INTERNET, TZ:-0400 GEO:42.115779000000;-70.743928000000 TITLE;CHARSET=UTF-8: ORG;CHARSET=UTF-8:Foundation for Learning & Inspiring Health & Healing (FLI HH) CATEGORIES;CHARSET=UTF-8:Adolescents,BCBS,Behavioral Management,Cigna,Eatin g Disorders,Eating Disorders Group,Family Therapy,HMO Blue,HPHC,Other/Priva te Pay,Parenting,Psycho-Educational,PTSD,UBH NOTE;CHARSET=UTF-8:Eating disorders\, behavioral intervention\, emotional o verdrive created by connection through technology. Group Work Offered\: FLY H (Family Leading Your Healing) A multifamily group for families treating a n eating disorder\: encompassing skill development\, psycho-educational &am p\; support models. 6 Weeks - $275 Wednesday 5pm. CARE (Caring and respondi ng to everyone) but not yourself. A support and skill development group for women caring for spouses\, children with severe illnesses\, or parents. 6 Weeks - $250 Wednesday 12pm. LEADE (Ladies Empowered Against Disordered Eat ing) A skill development\, psycho-educational and support model for ongoing treatment of eating disorders. 6 Weeks - $250 Wednesday 4pm. Power to Disc onnect “Talk around the Table”* This family consultation session will h elp your family establish a healthy relationship with technology. PRODID:-//Connections Business Directory for WordPress//Version 2.0//EN CLASS:PUBLIC SORT-STRING:Damon URL;CHARSET=UTF-8;TYPE=WORK: END:VCARD