Sheri Damon LMHC » Therapist

Services Offered

Individual, group and family therapy.

Special Interests

Eating disorders, behavioral intervention, emotional overdrive created by connection through technology.

Group Work Offered:

FLYH (Family Leading Your Healing) A multifamily group for families treating an eating disorder: encompassing skill development, psycho-educational & support models. 6 Weeks – $275 Wednesday 5pm.

CARE (Caring and responding to everyone) but not yourself. A support and skill development group for women caring for spouses, children with severe illnesses, or parents. 6 Weeks – $250 Wednesday 12pm.

LEADE (Ladies Empowered Against Disordered Eating) A skill development, psycho-educational and support model for ongoing treatment of eating disorders. 6 Weeks – $250 Wednesday 4pm.

Power to Disconnect “Talk around the Table”*
This family consultation session will help your family establish a healthy relationship with technology.

Therapeutic Style:

Behavioral, CBT, systemic family therapy, family based treatment.  

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