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Ms. Melissa Marram LICSW
PsychotherapistIntegrative Counseling Associates
Office 175 Derby Street Suite 20 Hingham MA 02043 Office (Handicapped Accessible) 175 Derby Street Suite 20 Hingham MA 02090 Cell Phone: 781-908-0534Work Phone: 781-908-0534

Services Offered

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Individual and family therapy. Clinical supervision and consultation.

Special Interests

My experience includes working in multiple settings, with clients of all ages whom deal with issues that including; trauma, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, anger, and more. I have a direct style that is supportive yet challenging when called for. I am adaptable in my practice style and willing to help.

Therapeutic Style:

I am capable of providing you with a full assessment of your needs, and a treatment plan to address them. I work hard in a collaborative effort with you focusing on the issues you bring to the table and, although the past is always explored, it is not necessarily the primary focus. The therapeutic relationship is important to help you to achieve your goals and I have worked for many years at being able to create one for clients in a safe comfortable environment.


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