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Dr. Joseph “Jace” Carl Langone Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical PsychologistInstitute for Spiritual Life & Psychotherapy, Inc.Pastoral Counseling Services of the South Shore
Office Christ Church Thrift Shoppe 6 Lothrop Street Plymouth MA 02360 United StatesOffice (Handicapped Accessible) Saint Andrews Episcopal Church 17 Church Street Hanover MA 02339 Work Phone: 781-826-0011 x212Work Fax: 781-826-0012Website: www.drjacelangone.comWebsite: Institute for Spiritual Life & Psychotherapy, Inc.

Services Offered

Photo of Dr. Joseph “Jace” Carl Langone Psy.D.

Spiritually-integrated, individual outpatient psychotherapy (talk therapy model, long-term course of Rx)

Solution-focused, individual outpatient psychotherapy (various mindfulness and imaginal interventions–such as Vipassana meditation, walking meditation, experiential focusing, visually guided imagery; short term course of Rx).

Group Psychotherapy includes an Opioid-Related Grief & Loss Interfaith Support Group as well as a Nature- and Community-Based Mindfulness Group.  Please visit http://www.drjacelangone.com for further details.

Special Interests

Spiritual Emergencies/Crises, Integrating Altered/Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

Holotropic Theory & Holotropic Breathwork

Imaginary Friendship/Companionship

Shamanism, Comparative Mythology, History of Religion

Life Review & Existential Concerns/Crises

Major Life Transitions/Adjustments & Identity Crises

Therapeutic Style:

Eclectic & integrative style informed by Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic, Existential, Transpersonal, and Archetypal theoretical perspectives


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