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Courtney Culnane LMHC
Owner/Clinical TherapistsLeeward Counseling
Office (Handicapped Accessible) 105 Webster Street Suite 7 Hanover 02339 Cell Phone: (617) 418-0147Work Phone: (617) 545-2958Website:

Services Offered

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Leeward Counseling offers individual, family and couples counseling to children, adolescents and adults. Our philosophy has a focus on clients comfort and rapport while addressing goals in the most productive way. All our therapists work to help their clients feel comfortable and focus on ways to make their lives better. We also offer play therapy, art and holistic therapy, eating disorder treatment, pet therapy (dog) and much more.

Special Interests

Our staff has a variety of skill sets and unique interests. In addition to working with depression, anxiety, stress management, relationship and social management, self esteem, eating disorders, learning disabilities (including ADHD and autism), anger, OCD, trauma, etc our therapists work with: infertility and miscarriage, Christian based counseling, holistic and art therapy, sport psychology, pet therapy, men’s issues including working with police/firefighter and military, divorse strugges, etc

Therapeutic Style:

Leeward Counseling strives to make the therapy process approachable and comfortable while being productive. We are interactive and give feedback, not just sit back and nod our heads. Therapists at Leeward Counseling use humor and rapport when appropriate, to make the clients engaged. We focus on CBT and DBT but our therapists are trained to use a variety of styles.


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