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Miss Alannah Anne DiBona
OwnerWindhorse Counseling
Office (Handicapped Accessible) 1360 Washington Street Weymouth 02189 Home Phone: (781) 264-3595Cell Phone: (781) 264-3595Work Phone: (781) 264-3595Work Fax: (978) 369-0400Website: http://www.windhorse-counseling.com/

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With extensive training in eating disorders and performance psychology, I am interested in supporting adults and adolescents in their search for wellness and authenticity. This can entail exploring the root of school-based and somatic issues, partnering with clients on their recovery journeys, nurturing growth and strength in times of anxiety and depression, assisting with transitions, or fostering identity development. My style of practice is holistic, strengths-based and creative, and is infused with warmth and cultural competence. Please note that my canine good citizens, Stella the golden and Theo the Bloodhound, are often present to provide support.
With eight years of experience helping high school students and families navigate challenges within academic settings, I also specialize in cultivating supports and strategies by collaborating with school and medical professionals as well as holistic care providers.
In addition to office-based treatment, I am pleased to offer equine assisted psychotherapy in a workshop-based, customizable format. As a competitive equestrian and trainer for more than twenty years, our work will use the human/equine partnership as a mirror. Please inquire for details.

Therapeutic Style:

My therapeutic style is characterized by a holistic, existential lens pulling from a blend of eastern and western traditions and informed by DBT, CBT, and expressive tenets. My animals are frequently present to provide an additional element of support.


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