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The Importance of Proactive Parent Education & Support–Working with Complex Families @ Bellas Restaurant
Nov 30 @ 11:30 pm – Dec 1 @ 1:30 pm

About our presenter:

Lynne Reeves Griffin RN, MEd works with families to help them 1] recognize their strengths and vulnerabilities related to parenting style 2] respect their child’s unique learning profile & behavioral style, and 3] create lifestyles that are child-friendly instead of adult-driven.

There will be NO CEU’s offered at this event.  RSVP to Helene Lieb at by Nov. 28, 2018.

In the instance of inclement weather, please contact Ken Freedman at 781-248-9888 or for concerns.  This website will be updated hourly on the day of the event if there is severe weather.

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