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Dr. LeShelle D. Woodard
Owner/DirectorLife Enhancement Psychotherapy
Home 308 Quarry Street Apt 201 Quincy 02169 Office 427 Columbia Road Hanover 02339 Work Phone: (617) 552-5124Work Fax: (888) 317-2641Website:
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Services Offered

I am the owner/founder of Life Enhancement Psychotherapy. Our goal is simply to assist you in improving essential aspects of your life. In addition to psychotherapy, we provide coaching and integrative wellness practices. We emphasize empirically supported therapies for adults, couples, children, adolescents and families. My work in particular draws from traditional talk therapies such as CBT as well as newer neuropsychological and somatic (body based) interventions. My clients describe me as highly interactive, caring and relatively directive in comparison to many providers. This is likely because I view my work with clients as a partnership in which we combine our strengths to facilitate positive and lasting growth for you.

Special Interests

Life Enhancement essentials is a proprietary line of essential oil blends created during 2017 by our clinical team. These oils are tools that can but used to support you in uplifting your mood, regaining grounding during times of stress, calming anxious thoughts and promoting a sense of peaceful relaxation. Learn more at

Therapeutic Style:

I am highly interactive and goal oriented in my approach to psychotherapy. My work is influenced by years of collegiate teaching of courses related clinical psychology (such as Psychological Trauma, Abnormal Psychology, Personality, etc.). As we strive to create positive change, my clients learn about themselves and key variables that contribute to their personality, functioning in relationships and broader behaviors.


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